Georgia GMIS/Carl Vinson Institute of Government

Georgia GMIS (GA-GMIS), a chapter of GMIS International, is in a strategic partnership with The University of Georgia’s Carl Vinson Institute of Government.  One important result of this partnership is the Local Government Chief Information Officer certificate program (LGCIO).  The developmental education offered by this program is customized to the requirements of those working as information technology directors and administrators in local government organizations as well as those professionals aspiring to managerial positions. Administered by the Vinson Institute, the LGCIO certificate is awarded to GA-GMIS members upon successful completion of all course requirements, a course project, and a written project report.

LEARNING OBJECTIVE: The LGCIO seeks to assist learners by enhancing their skills in competency areas for leadership and in emerging technical areas.  Each learning session uses facilitative techniques ensuring the active engagement of learners. Opportunities for learning occur at Georgia GMIS conferences; typically, one day is devoted to a leadership or management training topic and another to a technical topic. With few exceptions, courses are six hours in length. The chart below summarizes the course hour and competency requirements that must be fulfilled in order to become eligible for submission of project report and ultimately the LGCIO certificate                                                                                                                              













Complete one 6-hour course in each of four core competencies plus 2 additional courses from any competency: total of 6 courses







Complete four 6-hour courses in the technical competency







Program hours as described above plus completion and acceptance of project report





[1] This curriculum has been in place since 2008. However, a name change from Information Technology Leadership Program (ITLP) to Local Government Chief Information Officer (LGCIO) occurred in September 2015. At that time, new LGCIO certificates were awarded to all active, past recipients of the ITLP.


Courses in the Leadership category are offered in a rotation schedule.

Within the Leadership category, four broad core competency areas have been identified and these include:

  • Governmental Business Processes
  • Interpersonal Communication & Relationships
  • Organizational Culture and Politics
  • Success Measurement



Content areas for this broad competency area are constantly emerging because of the nature of technology.  Classes are consistent with current government priorities. Content will reflect a combination of trending conditions and facilitated discussions.

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