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Yellow Belt Lean Six Sigma


Lean Six Sigma Leadership Course

This is a 3.5-day in-person course that covers both Lean and Six Sigma approaches to process improvement. This course is ideal for managers and directors who will be steering improvement projects. The tools learned in this course can be immediately implemented to identify, prioritize, and guide projects. There are several group activities that will allow participants to practice the tools using a case study.

The case study involves a high-end resort experiencing several customer service and maintenance issues. (The case is not IT-related by design: often, it is easier to spot problems and solutions when presented with a case outside one’s field of expertise.) A certificate of completion will be issued to all participants who attend all 3.5 days of training.

Topics covered:

  1. Introduction to Lean Six Sigma
  2. The DMAIC project cycle
  3. Case study introduction and discussion
    1. Group activity: SWOT analysis
  4. The Voice of the customer and Kano analysis
    1. Individual and group activity: Kano analysis
  5. Choosing and prioritizing projects
    1. Group activity: prioritization matrix
  6. Force field analysis
    1. Group activity: force field analysis
  7. Stakeholder analysis
    1. Group activity stakeholder analysis
  8. The project charter
    1. Group activity: problem and goal statements
  9. Choosing metrics
    1. Group activity: metric types
  10. Team dynamics & facilitation techniques
    1. Group activity: Survival exercise
  11. Graphical tools: Pareto, run and scatter plots
    1. Group activity: Excel charting
  12. Root cause analysis
    1. Group activity: fishbone diagram
  13. Control Plans
  14. Lean Tools
    1. Group activity; mistake proofing and eight wastes
  15. Project reports


Dr. Mary McShane-Vaughn is the founder of University Training Partners, a company that provides Lean and Six Sigma training both in-person and online. Over the past thirteen years, she had trained more than 1400 Yellow, Green and Black Belts.

Prior to starting her own company, Mary was a tenured professor at Southern Polytechnic State University where she directed the MS in Quality Assurance program for eight years. Dr. McShane-Vaughn also has 15 years of experience as a statistician and quality engineer.

She is editor of the ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt Handbook and has written three textbooks on probability and Six Sigma leadership. She earned her Ph.D. in industrial engineering from Georgia Tech, and is certified as a quality engineer, Six Sigma Black Belt, and reliability engineer.