Geek Trak

Spring 2022 Geek Trak

We are excited to bring back Dean Gunsolus as the Spring Geek Trak trainer! He will share his tips/tricks/wisdom on PowerShell, Active Directory and using PowerShell in an AD environment.

Dean Gunsolus started professionally in IT 14 years ago. He started off as internal IT in a support helpdesk role and worked his way up to senior engineer. While there, he taught him self C# and became proficient in the .NET framework and Microsoft SQL database administration and architecting. After 2 years he left that company and became an independent contractor for 6 months. Later, he was offered a job as a Level 3 engineer for an MSP. After 3 years, he was offered another job at a larger MSP, and worked his way up to Director of Engineering. After 5 years in that role, he left and started his own MSP, Critical Network Solutions, in January of 2020. Within 2 years, it grew to 10 people, serving 60 plus clients and 1500 endpoints.


Over the years, Dean has had the opportunity to work with a lot of different businesses all over the United States, spread across almost every industry vertical. He has experience with businesses ranging from small local businesses to national and global companies like Bill and Melinda Gates Investment Group and Optimum Agriculture.

Fall 2021 Geek Trak