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Spring 2023 Geek Trak

Topic: Security Program

Description: How to create an effective security program to manage cyber risks within state government using CIS Controls version 8 as an information security framework.  Topics will cover how to build a security program, program elements, overcoming common challenges achieving cyber maturity, and detailed discussions on over 150 CIS recommended best practices. 


  1. Define the components of an effective security program, including internal and external regulatory considerations, policies, standards, and processes to facilitate improved cyber maturity
  2. Establish CIS Controls version 8 as an information security framework to support a security program, gain an understanding of how to operationalize the controls based upon priority and flaw severity
  3. Understanding the inter-relationship between security and privacy controls, data owners, and how it takes a village to achieve and maintain a security program”

The Instructor will be Gates Marshall from Before the Breach:

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