Georgia GMIS Conferences - Peer Networking

Twice a year,  many of us are preparing for either the Georgia GMIS  Spring or Fall Conference.  Some of that busyness is due to preparing a robust and meaningful agenda, making sure the conference venue is set up properly, planning meals, breaks, and all the hundreds of details that make a conference successful.

But once we arrive at the conference, a large percentage of our time at the conference is devoted to meeting our peers for breakfast, coffee breaks, dinners, etc.  It is always quite impressive how well-connected our Georgia GMIS IT “network” is.  This is a valuable lesson for emerging IT Leaders, the fact that it is exciting to meet and network with other IT Leaders, the ones at your level, who have, or will face the same concerns and challenges as you.

These are the people who are likely to be your collaborators or recommend a solution to your biggest challenge.   These are the people who might actually respond to an e-mail from you asking if they have faced the same issue and how they resolved it.

At the Georgia GMIS Spring and Fall Conferences, you will have opportunities to network with peers you haven’t met before.   IT Leaders are generally less intimidating over breakfast or dinner rather when in the “heat of the battle” back at the office.  So if there’s a casual conversation about technology (what else would we be talking about?) that you have an  interest in, jump in! 

One of the most interesting sessions at Georgia GMIS is where each Georgia GMIS member organization has an opportunity to give an update of their Technology Posture at their government organization.  That session is called:


Our Technology Vendor partners are invited to this session to get insite into what is going on in each government represented from a technology perspective.  Its not a session anyone wants to miss!

So, if you meet someone and have an interesting conversation, follow up with that person after the conference. And even if you don’t follow-up because, for some reason, that seems really hard for some of us to do, seek them out at the next conference.  No single person knows everything, and we are stronger together if we network and share experiences.