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Georgia GMIS Outstanding Professional Award

As a Georgia GMIS member organization, you are asked to nominate someone from your staff whose performance has favorably reflected the Information Technology profession.


Once the nomination is submitted, the GA GMIS Board of Directors selection committee then will review all candidates, and one deserving nominee will then be the Georgia GMIS Outstanding Professional. The chosen Technology Professional is invited to the Georgia GMIS Fall Conference at which time they will be honored with the Award.

The purpose of the award is to recognize Technology Professionals from Georgia GMIS Members who have made outstanding and noteworthy contributions to the Technology Profession. Professional contributions to be recognized include, but are not limited to: high value projects, innovative application of technology, Heroic contributions to the success of a GA GMIS member's technology department, Personal development achievements, and the list goes on and on.

NOTE - Current Board members are not eligible, and past Board members are not eligible for three full years after the expiration of their term.


Write a letter to the Georgia GMIS Board of Directors Selection committee that includes a brief paragraph on each of the following items:

  1. Statement of why applicant deserves the GA GMIS Outstanding Professional Award

  2. Major accomplishments deserving of the award

  3. Other work related activities in support of nomination

  4. Supporting documentation as necessary


Attach the Letter of Nomination to the Award Application form.


The Georgia GMIS Outstanding Professional Award recipient will be named before the Annual Fall Conference, and the recipient will be invited to the  Georgia GMIS Fall Conference!


Nominations have closed for 2018, but will be opening again in 2019.