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Georgia GMIS G2C - Government to Citizen Award

Government, in fulfilling its mission, is expected to collaborate with and serve other entities.This competitive award recognizes the Georgia GMIS member agency whose IT project(s) exhibit the best example of G2C of the year.


Once the nomination is submitted, the GA GMIS Board of Directors selection committee then will review all candidates, and one deserving nominee will then be the Georgia GMIS G2C Government Agency for the year. A representative of the Government Agency is invited to the Georgia GMIS Fall Conference at which time they will be honored with the Award.


Award Application


Application Letter


Write a letter to the Awards Selection committee that includes the following:

  1. Brief summary of purpose of the G2C project (max 300 words)

  2. Identification of the other entity or entities involved as stakeholders, customers or collaborators

  3. Detailed description of G2C project (total pages not to exceed 10)

  4. Timeline of project with approximate start and end dates

  5. Summary of the effort involved

  6. Relevant costs, savings, revenues

  7. Tangible results and benefits

  8. Why this project is unique and/or innovative

  9. Include optional graphs, photos and/or metrics


Attach the Application Letter to the Award Application form.


G2C Award winners will be formally recognized at the GA GMIS Fall Conference. Winners will also be recognized on the GA GMIS web site and their project may be forwarded to GMIS International for consideration.


Nominations have closed for 2018, but will be opening again in 2019.