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    February 20, 2019
ConferencesSpring 2015 Conference    


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Georgia GMIS Spring Conference
King and Prince Resort, St. Simons Island

May 3-7, 2015 

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Have you ever felt that you and your Technology Department were on your own island?  Geek Island?  Where 1’s and 0’s abound, and everyone gets all the inside jokes from the Big Bang Theory.  But then, the gale winds of Projects come about, and the storm of Trouble Tickets wreak havoc on your perfect island. You find yourself needing to protect your infrastructure, but still communicate with others who are on your Geek Island.  It can be a shock to you and your world.  Your technology paradise has turned into… Gilligan’s Island.  With various personality types, and everyone bringing many skills, and behaviors, it can be a struggle to help manage operations, and enable projects.  You need to learn the right communication skills and obtain the best security and privacy practices to be successful.  Where can you acquire all of the information necessary?

Welcome to GMIS Island!  From May 4-7, 2015, Georgia GMIS will be host to GMIS Island!  Often, organizational elements are approaching projects, operations and such from different vantage points.  Although gifted in their respective fields, sometimes simple communications can be an obstacle.  We have Dan O’Connor back from GMIS International in Savannah to show us more on how left brainers can work well with others and be the power enabler in the room!  Stan Gatewood from the University System of Georgia will be showing us how to protect our Information and ePrivacy while helping make things go! 

This spring, Georgia GMIS is introducing a new technology vertical – Geek Trak.   In addition to the Information Technology Leadership Program, Geek Trak will feature a course selected by Georgia GMIS leaders in Georgia's Public Sector Technology field.  Geek Trak is engineered for the highly technical professional staff that supports and enables our users and communities across Georgia.

Georgia GMIS, in collaboration with our Georgia GMIS 2015 Spring Premier Technical Training Partner, Network Utility Force, are proud to announce that our inaugural Geek Trak will be Certified Wireless Technology Specialist. We would like to offer this program to any Georgia GMIS member, regardless of hardware environment.  Registration for Geek Trak will be limited to the first 20 paid Geek Trak registrations, and is $425.  It is more than the ITLP registration, but it includes:  pre-conference training material, all of the digital material, practice exam questions, and the certification exam on Wednesday afternoon.  This is an exciting opportunity for Georgia GMIS, Network Utility Force and our Georgia GMIS members!

Geek Trak will run in parallel to the Information Technology Leadership Program, an educational success with our strategic partner, the University of Georgia Carl Vinson Institute of Government.  With the Information Technology Leadership Program and Geek Trak, Georgia GMIS is continuing to provide first class training for today's technologists and leaders serving our Georgia agencies, schools and communities.  We will have networking opportunities with your fellow Islanders – other IT leaders and solution providers – to help you navigate the rough seas of Communications and Information Security.

Thank you for your participation.

We can’t wait to see you at the King and Prince Resort in May!

Eugene L. Rudy
President, Georgia GMIS


Conference Brochure

Conference Agenda

Cyber Security for IT Leaders

Who Should Attend 

CIOs, information technology directors and managers, division managers, and technical staff. 

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Georgia GMIS 2015 Spring
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